Learn how to get Lady's Calendar for free or get a discount for its purchase

The team of Lady's Calendar developers strives to improve each new version of the program. However, this is impossible without your help. For this purpose, we offer you a great discount or even a free copy of Lady's Calendar for your uncomplicated yet very important help.

How can I get a discount on Lady's Calendar?

  • You will get a guaranteed 25% discount if you report any bug in our program

  • Share your favorable impressions about Lady's Calendar or express your appreciation in a comment and get a 30% discount.

  • Give us your remarks about the correctness of translation and get a 50% discount.

  • Add a post about Lady's Calendar to your blog and get a 50% discount.

Please contact our support team through this form and specify the type of the discount. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail with the detailed description of what will help you get your discount.

How can I get Lady's Calendar for free?

  • Translate Lady's Calendar into your native tongue. English resources for the translation can be found here

  • Write a press-release

  • Put a Lady's Calendar banner on your website, blog or personal web-page

Please choose an option that best suits you to get the program free of charge and indicate your choice in this form. Shortly afterwards, you will receive an e-mail with a detailed description on how to get Lady's Calendar for free


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